This page contains a few LambdaMOO resources of general interest to MOOers and also to readers of my 2004 cyberspace travelogue Hello World: travels in virtuality. Warning: a lot of this material will be out of date but the programming commands themselves won’t have changed much, if at all.

To access LambdaMOO
Type the following address into your browser. telnet://  If Telnet is enabled on your machine the screen shown above should appear. If it doesn’t, follow the instructions below to enable it.

When you see the screen above, place your cursor in the screen, type co guest then press Enter and you should be in. Good luck!

 Enabling Telnet
LambdaMOO runs on telnet, an old internet protocol not much used these days. You may have to enable it on your machine, and if you are behind a firewall, such as a university, you might need to request permission to access it too.    Enabling Telnet on a PC        Accessing Telnet on a Mac
FelisRex’s pages on LambdaMOO were probably the best and most definitive resource so I was disappointed to discover they had closed this year. The url now returns only the message “It’s been a long run, thank you for visiting”. However, there’s no need to give up so easily.’s Wayback Machine displays a range of pages from that website from 2002-2008. Visit*/ to check them out.

trAce MOO Resources
Speaking of archives, my old organisation the trAce Online Writing Centre held regular meetings in MOOs over a period of ten years and archived many of the logs. We also provided a number of resources:


Background Reading