Lake Shrine Temple Gardens, Sunset Boulevard
The gardens of the Lake Shrine Temple, Sunset Boulevard, LA. One of my favourite public spaces

I’ve been invited to keynote at a seminar on Affective Digital Economy: Intimacy, Identity and Networked Realities which is part of an ESRC Seminar Series on Digital Policy: Connectivity, Creativity and RightsIt will take place on Friday November 29 2013, University of Leicester. The concept of an ‘affective digital economy’ captures the multiple everyday ways in which online connections, communications and activities feature in personal, family and emotional aspects of life. Diverse forms of social media and virtual connectivity have expanded the affective realm and articulations of identity and relationships manifested wholly or partly through it. This seminar will bring together social innovators, researchers and practitioners from across community, activist, policy and academic sectors to explore the new affective digital economy and its promises, challenges and complications.

My talk is called A day off in the cyberpark – how the growing synergies between nature and technology will soon affect our workplaces and leisure time and I’ll be looking at the recent upsurge of interest in new kinds of parks. Nesta’s new funding call Let’s Rethink Parks is just one of several examples, and I will soon have some good news to share about a European parks project I’m involved with. More later!