How to bring nature into your digital world 2. Go online and escape the cold.

Santaluz Inlet, Second Life
Santaluz Inlet, Second Life

Here’s an idea for Americans shivering through record-breaking ice and snow, and Brits suffering wide-spread winter rain and flooding: why not go online to escape the cold for a while?

If you’re freezing in the real world, try immersing yourself in the warmth of a virtual tropical paradise. For example, this cosy open air home at Santaluz Inlet in Second Life is pretty relaxing. You can rent it for just 7,850 Linden Dollars a week – that’s less than US$35. A bargain!

This property and many others are managed by Reach Isles, a virtual world land development and management company focusing on luxury living in Second Life. It caters for ‘those who prefer living on private islands without the lag and congestion of the Second Life mainland, at affordable prices with a flexible tier structure’.  And this particular location is ‘a great place for a home if you value things like natural beauty, privacy, and space’. Furthermore, ‘the island has all 4 sides open to the virtual ocean  – no other sims will EVER touch its borders’.

So next time you’re imprisoned by the miserable weather, don’t despair. There’s an easy escape. Just log on, don your virtual sarong, and warm up on your own tropical island. Enjoy!