Talk – Technobiophilia: stories of nature in the wired world, Brunel, 17 June 2014

Brunel posterI’ll be speaking at Brunel University on 17th June 2014 at the 2nd Joint Researching the Arts/Social Sciences Conference for Research Students, organised jointly by Brunel and the University of Westminster. It’s my first visit to Brunel and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s also a great chance to share some stories from my new book. I think it’s open to anyone so if you’re local why not enquire about coming along?

Technobiophilia: stories of nature in the wired world
‘Technobiophilia: nature and cyberspace’ (Bloomsbury 2013) is the result of an eight-year inquiry by Sue Thomas into the relationship between the internet and the natural world. It was a transdisciplinary journey which began with the very first days of ARPAnet, fell into biophilia, discovered environmental psychology, wandered through the Web, trod the hinterlands of Second Life, and paddled up the Twitter stream. On the way, she formulated new connections between disciplines and identified controversial insights into digital well-being.




  1. I really wish I could come along and hear your talk Sue! It would be great to have the chance to talk with others interested in this area. I’m presenting a glimpse of my thesis tomorrow at a a local conference here at Otago, NZ (in Media, Film & Communication Studies Dept) – called ‘Nature in Plato’s Digital Cave: Frameworks and First Impressions’ – but I’d rather be in London! best wishes, Gillian


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