VALLETTA, MALTA | 18 – 19 APRIL, 2016
Aula Magna, University of Malta Valletta Campus, Old University Building, Valletta, Malta
COST Action TU1306 | CyberParks Fostering Knowledge about the Relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces


Deadline: 13th November, 2015.

The mid-term conference for COST Action TU1306 CyberParks: Fostering Knowledge about the Relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces, shall be held in Valletta, Malta between the 18–19 April 2016. ICiTY – Enhancing places through technology is an interdisciplinary scientific conference that shall be open to academics, researchers, practitioners and PhD students alike. It will focus on the opportunities and challenges to public spaces, brought about by the advancements of ICT, and is part of the wider research interests being explored by the COST Action TU1306.

This international conference provides a significant opportunity to synthesise the current ‘state of the art’ with regard to the development of ICT and the re-questioning of public spaces, from technological, human, philosophical and design perspectives. ICT may add value to public spaces and to the user experience therein. Understanding fully the implications of ICT to place-making requires, in turn, a complete understanding of the relations between users and their behaviour, new media and the spatial practice, as well as new methodologies using technology that are being developed. ICiTY aims to expose participants to novel ideas about future ICT development and contemporary knowledge about new ways of urban life people are tending or searching for in connection with new media. It shall also showcase a vast array of case studies – both in terms of field experiments with new methodologies and innovative design approaches related to the development of urban open spaces.

The above discussion shall be articulated within 4 main parallel research tracks as follows:

  • TRACK 1: Digital methods
    Papers submitted in relation to this track are to deal with recent and novel ICT-tools that have been (or are being) developed in order to research the use of, and user-behaviour in, public spaces.
  • TRACK 2: Urban ethnography
    Papers submitted in relation to this track are to deal with cultural and sociological fieldwork using innovative theoretical and methodological approaches, addressing contemporary knowledge about the use of new media technologies in public spaces from an ethnographic viewpoint.
  • TRACK 3: Conceptual reflection
    Papers submitted in relation to this track are to reflect on philosophical and methodological approaches and illustrate evidence-informed practice that seeks to understand the complex relationships between humans, public spaces and new media development and how it is (or should be) reflected in the urban fabric and place design.
  • TRACK 4: Creating digitally mediated urban places
    Papers submitted in relation to this track are to explore contemporary design research and innovative open space development practices, illustrating the design challenges of new media to urban and landscape design.

Abstract proposals for presentations should not exceed 300 words, contain authors’ short bios and clearly indicate the conference track for which it is being submitted. Papers should aim to provide original theoretical, methodological and/or empirical research in relation to these themes. We encourage both individual and multi-authored abstracts fitting within one of the four above conference tracks.
Together with the more conventional academic papers we shall also be considering proposals for practice-based presentations, such as short urban documentaries that deal with the role of ICT in enhancing places.

Proposals should be submitted to sends e-mail) by 13th November, 2015. The acceptance shall be based on anonymous evaluation by a Scientific Committee. Following the acceptance of the abstract the authors will receive the authors’ guidelines. Chosen papers shall subsequently be submitted for anonymous review.
A selection of papers will be published after the Conference in an edited book and/or in a journal special issue.


13 November 2015 Submission of Abstracts/Proposals for practice-based presentations
Early December 2015 Communication of acceptance
01 March 2016 Submission of full text

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