cyberparks_wb-02CFP: Best Practices in Smart Cities and their impact on Quality of Life

Edited by Profs. Carlos Smaniotto Costa and José Luis Vázquez

Description: The multidisciplinary fields coming together in the development of smart and sustainable cities add to our understanding of new ways for improving the quality of life of individuals, organisations, and society as a whole. Researchers in these fields are continuously discovering knowledge for the end goal of helping people to live healthy, productive lives in safe, nurturing communities.

This book will consist of two parts. The first part (rationale) will contain literature reviews, conceptual papers and empirical studies pertaining to research and theory thus aiming discussion on theoretical approaches and background on the state-of-the-art and future challenges in the concerned fields (analyses of current and future challenges of smart cities along with the contribution of ICT & public spaces; ICT, technological innovation, divide; the role of public spaces; exploring new perspectives). The second part (portfolio) will emphasize applied research, consisting of readings of best practices, applied experiments, success histories, interesting examples, and lighthouse projects

See attachment for full details. Deadline: 30 November 2015

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