I’ve been invited to speak at Human // Nature in London on 4th August, along with all kinds of intriguing people! Please join us at the Truman Brewery! Doors open 11:30.

Human // Nature

The healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit is the same process. (Masanobu Fukuoka)

How can we re-evaluate/reconcile/re-establish and more effectively understand human nature in a time that requires a whole new way of being?

The aim of this event is to explore the human/nature connection, and what it means to be human in our current crisis relationship with nature. We will aim to reconnect human & nature and re-evaluate what ‘human nature’ is through a variety of lenses.

The separation from spirit/consciousness/wisdom has led to a breakdown in both what it means to be human and our understanding of what nature actually is. We will also explore what human nature (spirit/essence) is collectively. The goal is to highlight how the two are not mutually exclusive: it is human nature to be part of nature. We will examine the ecological implications of these themes and the implications for consciousness as a whole.

The Experimental Thought Co will be taking over a space to host transformative talks around the theme of re-establishing HUMAN // NATURE, which exists as part of the ETC in-house programme of events. This gathering will happen under the umbrella of the annual VFor festival at the Truman Brewery, which focuses on sustainability and green/vegan lifestyles. We are proud to be supported by the London Experimental Psychonautics Club for this event.

Speakers & Talks

> Context Craft (Carl H Smith & Jay Cousins) – Recontextualise all the things!

> Jules Evans – The Art of the Memento Mori

> Sue Thomas – The Web Smells Like Life: How Technobiophilia Connects your Digital World to Nature

> Gregory Sams – Seeing The Light: the answers are out there, and hard wired in us

> Keren Bester – Naked Neurons: what the sense of smell tells us about being human

> London Glades – Ecological Connections in our Future Cities: From Vision to Implementation

> Mark Vernon – What our ancestors knew and how we can know it again: an evolution of consciousness

> David Satori – Spiritual Nutrition and the Chemistry of Life

Panel – From Dystopia to Protopia

Sam Gandy (Beckley Foundation)

David Luke (Breaking Convention)

Lena Korkovelou (Memrise)

Ed Thurlow (S33D)

Moderated by Katherine Templar Lewis (Human Scientist)

50% of all booking fees will be donated to a charity of your choice at checkout


F Block S4, Ely’s Yard
The Truman Brewery
15 Hanbury St
E1 6QR
Doors 11:30

Hosted by Experimental Thought Co.


Human // Nature