Did you know that UK customers can now send Kindle books as gifts?
Just visit the Kindle Amazon UK page for any title and look in the side panel for Buy for others.

buy for others

So if it’s too late to post, why not send one of my Kindle books?

Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age (paperback) Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age £1.99 BUY
50 practical tips on how to feel better without logging off. “A great reminder to explore the fusion between our virtual and natural worlds. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. The book is full of great tips and activities for taking care of ourselves online and offline.” Find out more.
Technobiophilia Technobiophilia: nature and cyberspace £12.02 BUY
Exploring the strong thread of biophilia that runs through our online lives. “Technobiophilia brings together many disciplines to explore the convergence of exposure to nature and technological use in our modern world.” Find out more.
Correspondence Correspondence £4.99 BUY
Clarke Award short-listed novel reissued in 2019 with a new introduction. “Subversive and utterly imaginative, Correspondence breaks the boundaries of conventional fiction to explore the meaning of consciousness itself.” Find out more.
Hello World Hello World: travels in virtuality £1.89 BUY
The story of a life online. A memoir/travelogue of cyberspace. “A meditation on a phenomenon that has changed not just our lives but our perceptions of ourselves.” Find out more.

Whether you’re doing it in #digital or #analogue or both: *MERRY CHRISTMAS!*