I’m looking forward to chairing this panel about virtual nature as part of Sound Walk September on 16th September 2020. It’s a live event and may not be available later, so please join us online if you can.

Event details

Start 2020-09-16 18:00 UTC
 ICS/ICAL · gcal 16/09/2020 19:00 Europe/London
Conference roomAvailable shortly before the event.
Conference passwordAvailable shortly before the event.

 Tickets: 5 – 8 euro 0

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge of interest in how we can experience and enjoy virtual nature and the great outdoors, by using digital technology, when staying in the safety of our homes.

Join us for a panel discussion about virtual walks, chaired by Sue Thomas, author of “Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age“, who champions how we can use technology to feel better without logging off. 

Sue will be joined by cultural geographer and digital media artist, Jack Lowe, who will talk about a genre of video games known as walking simulators and his research in developing location-based online games, as a method of place based digital storytelling.

Use of atmospheric sound recordings is very much part of the ambience of virtual walking simulators and videogames. Completing the panel will be Wildlife and Environmental Sounds Curator, Cheryl Tipp and Digital Curator, Stella Wisdom both from the British Library, who will discuss how digitised sound recordings from the Library’s sound archive have been innovatively used in video games made by UK students, as part of the Library’s “Off the Map” initiative.


Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe

I’m a cultural geographer and visiting lecturer in Digital Storytelling at Royal Holloway, whose research engages with various forms of digital media art to investigate the processes through which places become meaningful. I’m currently undertaking a …More 

Cheryl Tipp

Cheryl Tipp

Cheryl Tipp is the British Library’s Curator of Wildlife & Environmental Sounds. With a background in zoology and library services, Cheryl has spent the past 15 years looking after the library’s world- renowned collection of over 250,000 species an…More 

Stella Wisdom

Stella Wisdom

Stella Wisdom is a Digital Curator at the British Library; promoting new methods of research using born digital and digitised collections. She is interested in creative innovation and partnerships, especially regarding games and digital storytelling in lib…More 


Sue Thomas

Sue Thomas

I write about life, nature and technology. I’m especially interested in digital wellbeing and the practicalities of integrating the physical with the virtual. I’m currently writing my third novel, ‘The Fault in Reality’. My most recent book is ‘Nature a…More 

Photo credit: virtual Whitby Abbey, one of the British Library’s “Off the Map” gothic winning entries. Created by Team Flying Buttress, i.e. six students from De Montfort University, Ben Mowson, Elliott Pacel, Ewan Couper, Finn McAvinchey, Kit Grande and Katie Hallaron.

Tickets are 5-8 euros. Click here to purchase.

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