Life, Nature, Technology – interview at The Journal of Biophilic Design

We talked about the ways in which technobiophilia became part of many peoples' lives during lockdown as we connected with the natural world through our TVs, phones, computers, video games and virtual reality.

‘Digital Nature’ 10 May 2021. British Library online discussion.

I'm very pleased to be invited to join this conversation in which curators, artists and authors explore where nature and the digital world crossover during this time of radical change.

Online Talk “Technobiophilia: Nature in the Digital” Feb 12, 2021

Digital nature used to be frowned upon, but the pandemic has shown that experiences of nature via a screen can play an important role in stress reduction. My 2013 book 'Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace' explored the reasons behind this apparently contradictory effect, and in this talk I will revisit and discuss them.