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Blue sky thinking on the Pacific Coast Highway between Sunset Boulevard and Malibu, 2012

“You are an adventurous explorer who comes back from your explorations to inspire others.” (Howard Rheingold, writer, critic and teacher, Mill Valley, California.)

Sue Thomas is a fountain of cutting-edge knowledge. Not only is Sue a relaxed and engaging speaker, she gives great presentations. Sue knows exactly at what level to pitch her content and audiences always enjoy sharing in her discoveries. I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with Sue and benefit from her knowledge. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly. If you get the chance, ask Sue Thomas to talk at your next engagement! (Dr. Jessica Laccetti, University of Alberta, Canada.)

I had the pleasure of working with Sue to deliver a highly successful collaborative project Vision 2020, a project that people refer to as having real ‘stand out’. It was true partnership working, with business, education and public sector to gather collective intelligence and create new ideas. Sue delivered on all fronts. Brilliantly original, inspirational to work with, Sue stimulates new ideas with vision and true originality. If you have the chance to work with Sue grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it ! (Sue Tilley, Head of Inward Investment, Prospect Leicestershire, UK.)

“Sue Thomas is a creative and visionary thinker who established transliteracy with a collaborative team of interdisciplinary colleagues. The impact of her work in this area is profound. Her ideas have been embraced by the Library and Information Science community and many others. But she is not content to focus on one area of research alone; she has already developed a new thread with an emphasis on technobiophilia for continued discovery in new areas.”  (Tom Mackey, Dean, Center for Distance Learning, SUNY Empire State College, New York.)

“I was invited to participate in a project called Amplified Leicester a few years ago now. Sue Thomas was the leading professor for the programme. The reason I applied to join as participant was because as a business owner I realised that I had no clue how to engage with others through social networks and in a cyber-world which simply frightened me to death. I came out of the 6 month programme incorporating all that I had learnt into the development of a brand new website, a new app based phone and started on my journey of connecting with others to share and learn with like-minded people around the world. Since then, a few years on my social media skills are going from strength to strength. Sue played such an important part in helping me build my awareness and see the endless possibilities and benefits of connecting with others in this way. Her presentation style is very conversational and easy to understand, even though she is a leading expert in her field the subject itself is extremely complex. Sue is a master in her profession and I would recommend her highly in the world of anything ‘cyber’ far too complicated for me to explain, but if she can get someone as far away from social media as me to understand how to use these wonderful things available to us in a meaningful way, then that for me is success indeed. Many thanks Sue – My business is doing well and my ability to reach out to others plays an integral part in that.” (Joy Marsden – Professional Speaker & Trainer for Challenge, Motivation & Change – Joy Marsden Ltd)

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