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Use stone for interior biophilic design TIP 3/7 Series 2

Big corporations are investing huge amounts in biophilic workplaces featuring natural materials like plants, stones, wood, and water. Look out for walls festooned with hanging planters, indoor waterfalls, and stony zen gardens. Companies aren’t doing this because it’s cosy, but because there’s increasing evidence that biophilic workplaces make employees happier and therefore more productive.

Take a leaf from their book, and think about how you could do the same in your own home or office.  You may even have biophilic items already. Look around your room. Are there any fossils, bought as a holiday memento and stashed away on a shelf? Any carved stone ornaments?  What do you have in the way of natural materials? Can they be re-organised in a more biophilic arrangement? Placed close to where you sit, so they can be idly picked up and examined now and again?

Biophilic arrangement on my windowsill

This is one of a series of tips I’m posting every Tuesday for the next few weeks, highlighting Christmas gifts and activities which promote digital wellbeing. There are gifts you can enjoy making yourself, as part of your own tech/nature practice, and gifts to buy for the geeky people in your life.

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Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital AgeBuying for geeky friends or family? Here’s the perfect fireside read:  Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age: how to feel better without logging off.

Amazon’s growth on full display in greenhouse where exotic plants are raised for its Spheres – GeekWire

It’s no secret that Amazon knows how to grow a business, based on what the company has achieved over its almost 23-year history. But how does the tech gian

Source: Amazon’s growth on full display in greenhouse where exotic plants are raised for its Spheres – GeekWire

Guest Lecture at James Cook University, Singapore. ‘Living well with nature in a wired world’ 18 May 2017

I’m excited to be invited as a Visiting Professor this May at James Cook University, Singapore. As part of my work there I will present a public lecture on Thursday, 7pm 18 May 2017. If you’re in Singapore then and would like to come along, please follow the link below to the University website.

Living well with nature in a wired world: an introduction to technobiophilia
Do you worry that wired life is taking you away from nature? You may be surprised to learn that you could be getting your daily dose of the natural world through your screensaver, or in virtual reality, or simply by ‘liking’ pictures of sunsets on Facebook. This talk explains the concept of biophilia, the deep genetic memory of our early evolution in the ancient wild, and introduces the concept of technobiophilia. Dr Thomas explains how our ancestral attraction to nature can soothe our connected lives and help us to feel better without logging off.