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Happy 2021. This year I will be on mute.

Everyone is making a great effort to be cheerful and positive today, and we really need that. Thank you. But my own impulse is to go on mute, at least for a while.

2020 was hard work for so many people — those labouring to save us, those who made sure we were fed, protected, and provided for, those who helped raise our spirits. I cannot begin to thank you all. And I send my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those, including members of my own family, who perished along the way.

New Year’s Day is usually a time of quiet reflection and evaluation for me, and today is no different. This morning I looked back on my diary for this day last year and see it was full of good intentions for changes that, in the end, never happened.

I won’t make a list of resolutions this year. Instead, I will try to act where I can and do my best to make a contribution. But, privately, I’m going to go on pause for a little while. It may last just a few days, or weeks, or even months. I don’t know yet. But in the meantime, I wish us all — the whole world — some safety, some quiet relief, and the collective strength to survive and rebuild together.

About the image

In July 2020 I responded to a call from the artist Anita Dalkin for people to send photographs of themselves in masks. She used them to paint portraits for her project Covid Warriors, a bid to encourage people to put others first by wearing a face-covering. At the time I didn’t own a proper mask, just this multi-coloured scarf. I think this is a beautiful portrait and I’m very grateful to Anita for recording that moment in my life. Plus, of course, I hope it encourages you to wear a mask and protect others.

New Dawn Discussion, Mon 18 May 2020

“Full of great tips and activities for taking
care of ourselves online and offline.”

I’m pleased to be invited to speak at the next New Dawn Discussion.

12 noon BST Monday 18 May 2020 online.

The New Dawn discussions are organised by Deborah Mendes for like-minded people to discuss how we can move into new times.

Many wise words and insights were shared in last month’s memorable and impactful conversation.

Free Registration

Panel Host

Deborah Mendes
Nature Connection Guide, helping people experience change with more ease by harnessing the power of nature connection.


Stefan Batorijs
Founder of Nature and Therapy UK

Nadia Dubiel
Transforming people into SuperHumans

Sue Thomas
Academic and author of “Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age”

Cindy Etsell
Leadership Coach, Career Transition, Personal Branding and Author of Cooking up Success

Tigrilla Gardenia
Helps you Communicate and Connect with Plants for personal, spiritual, & professional growth.

What people said at the last event

“Inspirational speakers and invaluable information” – Donna

“Great insights!” – Yesmin

“Really great discussion, I am really loving these insights- so much of what has been said really resonates for me especially aligning with the laws of Nature” – Claire

“I’ve very much enjoyed this and value the wisdom and insight of our speakers today” – Sara