Epic 2014

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Do you remember Epic 2014? It was a short Flash video released in January 2004 by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson at the Berlin-based Museum of Media History.

Photo by Marcis Berzins on Unsplash

Overwhelming physicality

Chapter 3 of my 2004 PhD thesis 'A Journey of Integration' is live at Medium. 3. Overwhelming physicality 1992–1995 Water operates the mind beyond the constraints of the known physical world, and does so without either machines or prosthetics. It is a book of darkness, floods, sex and ecstasy, addressing the sublime and accessing the dreaming self to … Continue reading Overwhelming physicality


What would it be like? When the answer came it appeared quite naturally.

The change from human to cyborg would feel like a snake shedding its skin. Of course... Chapter 2 of my 2004 PhD thesis