Zoom making you tired? Turn your desk into a secret garden.

We're all familiar with the generic wallpapers Zoom provides to brighten up the virtual room, but, the next time you're peering at the shimmering outlines of your colleagues against swaying palm trees and breaking waves on a Caribbean island, think about how great it would be to have your own secret garden right there on your desk. I tried it this week, and it's gorgeous!

Podcast Interview with Vanessa Champion of Argenta Wellness

Vanessa Champion is a photographer and the CEO of Argenta Wellness, which designs and prints images of nature. She is also the founder of the Journal of Biophilic Design. Last week she spoke with me for her podcast series where she talks to workplace consultants, futurists, interior designers, architects, urban planners and those working in … Continue reading Podcast Interview with Vanessa Champion of Argenta Wellness

Add wood to your digital life and de-stress TIP 2/7 Series 2

This week I've found you some wooden techie items which are very affordable and make excellent presents. They are also nice little treats for yourself :)