Historic Computing Calendar from 1992

Last week I interviewed Roland Bryan, one of the original Arpanet team and now CEO of MachineTalker, a Santa Barbara based company¬† developing intelligent wireless networks.¬† I was in pursuit of some drawings I found a few years ago on Martin Dodge’s great Atlas of Cyberspaces – namely the ‘scroll’ to be found some way down this page.¬† Dodge attributes the scroll to Roland, however I discovered when we talked that he did not actually design it, but commissioned it to his concept in 1992 as a promotional calendar for his company Advanced Computer Communications (ACC). ACC helped design and implement the first packet switch network for a U.S. Government agency and was later sold to Ericsson. The artist was in fact Chuck Huckeba, now based in Arizona. I was excited to learn that Roland still owns the original painting and we went together to his storage facility in Santa Barbara in the hope of locating it. It didn’t surface on that occasion but hopefully he will find it soon. Judging from the colour prints he has sent me, it must be very lushly-coloured and rich in detail. It was fascinating, also, to discover that the images were colour – the pictures on Martin Dodge’s site are black and white and it never occurred to me that the original would be anything other than monochrome. Roland has very kindly allowed me to blog about these images. I have uploaded them to Flickr and linked to them here. I am delighted – they are a real find. I especially like the cool shades worn by a very hippy-looking Leonardo da Vinci!

(I also recorded Roland talking about the images and will post the audio once it has been edited.)

1: Full image
2: Roland Bryan
3: Detail
4: Detail naming a number of important individuals from the early
days of computing including the creators of Arpanet and showing the
first computer mouse, designed by Douglas Engelbart


Roland Bryan

ACC 1992 Calendar detail Arm

ACC 1992 Calendar detail Arm-Left Side 150

Attribution: The content of the ACC calendar was a collaborative effort by ACC staff and the artist Chuck Huckeba

Creators of Arpanet, precursor of the Internet, photographed for Wired in 1994

Arpanet creators
Roland Bryan sent me a link to this great picture of the team who made cyberspace possible. Full story in Wired December 1994. Roland is also the person who commissioned an artist to create some fascinating paintings about the Arpanet project, of which more soon.

Where Minds and Matters Meet: Technology in California and the West, 25 April 2009, Huntington Library

I found out about this symposium from Patrick McCray, who is doing some very interesting work on the history of technology at UCSB, and when I contacted the organiser Volker Janssen he very kindly invited me along as a guest to comment (respond) on one of the panels. So just before I leave California and return home to the UK, I'll have this great opportunity to meet with some people doing fascinating work which is closely connected to my own, and also to see something of the famous Huntington Library. Really looking forward to it.

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