Request for nature metaphors in cyberspace

I’m collecting examples of nature metaphors used to describe
cyberspace and the internet and it’s turning out to be a giant task so I would really appreciate some help.

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Research Ethics

Personal Interviews
If you are interviewed as part of the research for this project, either in person or by electronic means, I would be grateful if you would read and sign this document Download Wild Surmise Research Ethics Letter for Participants and return it to me at the address below.

The website
This and other related Wild
Surmise websites are designed to gather material for a research project
towards a book and other writings. I’m assuming that by posting comments and answering survey
questions where you post your email address you are agreeing to allow me
to use excerpts from your replies in my published research online and
in print. You are at liberty to withdraw your text at any time. Email
me at sue.thomas at
to withdraw. NB: Anonymous posts are not
subject to such agreement and can be freely quoted.

My research is
bound by the Ethics Code of De Montfort University, available here. If you have any questions about this research please contact me

Professor Sue Thomas
Faculty of Humanities
De Montfort
The Gateway
sue.thomas at

A road trip with Google Maps

Google_mapsCan’t resist posting this cartoon from xkcd. Although it’s not strictly about cyberspace, it could be!

(via Bill Thompson on Facebook)

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