Will you be taking a vacation in virtual reality this holiday season?

In 1995, Nicholas Negroponte wrote: “Digital living will include less and less dependence upon being in a specific place at a specific time, and the transmission of place itself will start to become possible. If I could really look out the electronic window of my living room in Boston and see the Alps, hear the cowbells, and smell the (digital) manure in summer, in a way I am very much in Switzerland”.*

As founder of the MIT Media Lab, and an architect by trade, he knew what he was talking about twenty plus years ago. It’s taken quite a while to even begin to make his vision a reality, but we’re getting closer.  A while ago I wrote about virtual reality in cruise ships, where you’re actually on a real ship but in an upgraded cabin sporting a virtual balcony.

Now, as CNBC reports, a growing list of airlines and vacation spots are courting visitors with virtual reality vacation experiences offering digital options that nearly rival the real thing.

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8 Naturetastic Christmas Gifts For Kids

Will it snow this Christmas Day? Probably not, according to most forecasters. So why not join us at The Kids’ Nature Shop and plan a Green Christmas instead?

We dipped into our website and pulled out 8 perfect presents for kids who love nature.  There’s a range of ages and gifts are suitable for either indoors, outdoors or both. (But do hang onto that sled just in case…)

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Turning over a new leaf – this blog has changed

Earlier this year I launched a new blog, Technobiophilia, and in the last months I mostly posted there rather than here. But the process felt rather disjointed, so I’ve integrated the new posts into this site and soon the url http://www.technobiophilia.com will also point here. (This means you might find bits of mess here and there as I tidy it up, for which I apologise).

I’ve also redesigned the look – I hope it works and that you like it. I’m still ironing out the glitches but generally I think it’s working.

If you don’t already read the Technobiophilia blog, you’ll find lots of newly-imported content here that you haven’t seen before. I hope you enjoy browsing through it.


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