Exercise at home with Yuval Noah Harari

Exercise at home with Yuval Noah Harari

Combine 20 minutes of movement with mind-expanding discourse and an increased heart rate. Do you, like me, find physical exercise extremely boring? Would you rather immerse yourself in the life of the mind? Here’s an opportunity to get in some self-isolation exercise whilst thinking and raising your heart rate at the same time.

We need to learn about Digital Wellbeing

Join my Digital Wellbeing Facebook Group and meet up online to discuss the role of Digital Wellbeing during the epidemic. 5pm BST, Saturday 4th April 2020 Today is the third anniversary of the publication of my book "Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age". I wrote it in 2017 for people who were worried about … Continue reading We need to learn about Digital Wellbeing

Photo by Marcis Berzins on Unsplash

Overwhelming physicality

Chapter 3 of my 2004 PhD thesis 'A Journey of Integration' is live at Medium. 3. Overwhelming physicality 1992–1995 Water operates the mind beyond the constraints of the known physical world, and does so without either machines or prosthetics. It is a book of darkness, floods, sex and ecstasy, addressing the sublime and accessing the dreaming self to … Continue reading Overwhelming physicality