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Hydroponics – the perfect winter gift for geeky gardeners. TIP 5/7 Series 2

It’s too late\early in the year to be planting much outside, but if you know any geeky gardeners you might want to get them a hydroponics kit for Christmas. No mud but lots of horticultural thrills.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil, or sometimes in an inert medium like perlite or gravel. It offers plenty of opportunities for messing around with intriguing components and, hopefully, producing something edible or beautiful, or both.  Fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter, anyone?

forestfox Indoor Micro Grow Light Garden Plant Propagator Hydroponics Kit All Year Growth £43.99*
Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest £94.90*
Hydroponics Basics, by George F. Van Patten. £4.99*

* Price at time of going to press

This is one of a series of tips I’m posting every Tuesday for the next few weeks, highlighting Christmas gifts and activities which promote digital wellbeing. There are gifts you can enjoy making yourself, as part of your own tech/nature practice, and gifts to buy for the geeky people in your life.

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Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital AgeBuying for geeky friends or family? Here’s the perfect fireside read:  Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age: how to feel better without logging off.

TIP: If you like a geeky approach to gardening…

If you like a geeky approach to gardening, try hydroponics.

As Autumn creeps into the Northern hemisphere, I’ve collected seven practical tips to help find your tech/nature balance. They’re going out one a day for seven days. This is the fifth. Please share!

Check out my book Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age: How to feel better without logging off.  Paperback and Kindle.

OrchGard – a community digital orchard/garden funded by @natyouthagency

This month, The Environment Now, managed by the National Youth Agency, gave a total of £70,000 worth of funding to green tech projects. They’re all very interesting – check them out – but OrchGard especially caught my eye because it chimes with the growing interest in bringing nature and technology closer together.

Developed by Joshua Dean, OrchGard will be a community digital orchard/garden that will use the latest technology to keep the fully automated orchard as productive as possible. The project will be based at the YMCA Humber in Grimsby.  It aims to increase social cohesion as well as create awareness for the environment through shared medium of digital technologies. No more details as yet but follow  @YMCAHumber for news.

I love this idea and wish it well on its growing journey!