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Technobiophilia: videos discussed in the book

The videos below relate to those discussed in the book, although they may not be the original versions. Search for technobiophilia on YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and other video aggregators for other related films.

Listed in order of appearance:

Page 2: Advertisement for the Sharp Touch Wood smartphone

Page 11: Trailer for Bjork’s Biophilia

Page 20: Campfire One: Introducing OpenSocial, filmed at Google, 2007.

Page 130: Ai Weiwei singing the Song of the Grass Mud Horse, 2011.

Page 141: Bear 71, YouTube trailer. The work can be viewed in its entirety here

Page 162: Walden: A game, by Tracy Fullerton and her team at USC.

Page 178: Unplug Your Friends, promo for

Page 183: Flower, trailer for the Playstation game,

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