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Webinar, May 2015: Technobiophilia: soothing our connected minds and easing our wired lives, for the Biophilic Cities Network


FutureEverything, Manchester, 2011: ‘Why Do Geeks Go Camping? FOO And Other Brushes With Nature’ 


FutureEverything, Manchester, 2011: Part 2 in a series of short films by Littlestar exploring ideas discussed at FutureEverything 2011, Manchester. Featuring Sue Thomas and Zach Gage. 


FutureEverything, Manchester, 2011: interview with Sue Thomas 


Lecture on Transliteracy by Professor Sue Thomas at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University. October 24th, 2008


Transdisciplinary Common Room, De Montfort University, 2013

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