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Technobiophilia at the Edinburgh International Science Festival @EdSciFest 16 April 2017

Technobiophilia comes to the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Sunday 16 April 2017, 12:30 — 14:00
National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Why do we feel the need to unplug, or sign up for a digital detox? Join us to investigate the research and ideas behind the effects of technology and nature on our health.

Wired Nature

Join digital wellbeing expert Sue Thomas, and a panel including a psychologist and an app developer, as we investigate the research and ideas behind the effects of technology and nature on our health. We will look at the effects of wired nature on our brains, study the benefits of a natural world experienced in digital form and find out how we deal with an overload of information.

Supported by The British Psychological Society
Source: Wired Nature – Edinburgh International Science Festival

CFP: “ICiTY – Enhancing places through technology” Valletta, Malta, 18–19 April 2016

VALLETTA, MALTA | 18 – 19 APRIL, 2016
Aula Magna, University of Malta Valletta Campus, Old University Building, Valletta, Malta
COST Action TU1306 | CyberParks Fostering Knowledge about the Relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces


Deadline: 13th November, 2015. Continue reading CFP: “ICiTY – Enhancing places through technology” Valletta, Malta, 18–19 April 2016

Biomimicry and Future Cities, Bristol Festival of the Future City, 19 Nov 2015 #FestivalofIdeas

BFOI_FOFC-215x225Biomimicry and Future Cities
Bristol Festival of the Future City
Thu 19 November 2015
Price: £8/ £7


I’m looking forward to joining the panel at this event.

The biomimetic city – a city modelled on nature – offers a sustainable future. To what extent can we use biomimicry to help shape our cities’ infrastructure? What are the trade-offs and leverage points that can allow us to develop systems – ecological, structural, technological, circulatory and chemical – that are more productive and effective than those already in place? Can we go beyond looking at organisms and start by valuing the interconnectedness? Peter Head (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Ecological Sequestration Trust) joins Julian Vincent (Honorary Professor of Biomimetics at University of Rhein-Waal/ University of Oxford) and Sue Thomas (Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace). Chaired by Richard James MacCowan (Founder Director – Biomimicry UK). More info here.