7pm BST, 6th July 2021. Online. Free.

In October 2013 I gave a talk at Cafe Scientifique Bournemouth about my then newly-published book “Technobiophilia: nature and cyberspace“. At that time, digital detoxing was very popular and the idea of using technology to access the benefits of nature seemed transgressive, to say the least.


But now, eight years and another book later, the Covid-19 lockdown has demonstrated how accessing the natural world via our computers, phones and TVs can contribute to wellbeing in many ways. Whether it’s watching animals on live-streaming webcams, or sharing beautiful photos, or viewing hugely popular nature programmes like The Blue Planet, we are discovering a more satisfying tech/nature balance.

I’m returning to Cafe Sci, this time online, to look back on that talk and discuss how our experiences in lockdown have changed our view of digital nature. Dr Hiroko Oe, of Bournemouth University, will report from a Japanese perspective.

7pm BST, 6th July 2021. Online. Free.

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