You’ve probably heard the saying that chopping wood for the fire warms you twice – first by the exertion of the work, then again by the heat of its burning.

This idea for seasonal gifts makes you happy twice – first with the enjoyment of making, then again with the pleasure of giving.

Home-made presents gathered from nature need cost you only love and time.  Beautiful stones collected in the countryside or on the beach can be polished and varnished to a shine or, if you are artistically inclined, painted and adorned with smaller stones, jewels, or glass.  Wood of all sizes and forms, seasoned if possible, can be carved, shaped, or decorated. Seashells have always been used in many ways – cleaned and polished they can be applied to boxes, bowls, pictures, mobiles and many other kinds of household objects.

Hand-crafted biophilic objects are also a welcome gift for someone who sits at a desk for hours and enjoys taking time out to connect with nature during the working day. A while ago I made this short video about a few very special seashells I I keep on my own desk. Unfortunately, Instagram chopped off the first few seconds, but you’ll get the drift!



This is one of a series of tips I’m posting every Tuesday for a few weeks, highlighting Christmas gifts and activities which promote digital wellbeing. There are gifts you can enjoy making yourself, as part of your own tech/nature practice, and gifts to buy for the geeky people in your life.

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